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Concept Art

Flyer (front & back) distributed throughout Berlin in search of prospective wives for Shall We Transend Nationalism? (2004) 

As a participant in the irreverent and illustrious Mobile Academy's summer institute in Berlin, Nathan created two projects in response to the academy's 2004 theme of FAKELORE - Constructions and Inventions of Urban Folklore as part of the “City as Stage” division:


Shall we Transcend Nationalism?

protection marriage as social art


Monuments of the Past vs. the Heroes of Today

yoga in counterpoint to statues and monuments


At the Mobile Academy's subsequent summer institute in Warsaw, Poland, Nathan engaged the 2006 theme of Ghosts, Spectres, Phantoms and the Places Where They Live as part of the “Dance & Choreography” division, in collaboration with Meg Stuart, by leading a Sufi Zikr trance workshop (see Research & Teaching) for the entire academy, and by embarking on an intensive experimental research and demonstration of spirit channeling, which was documented on film for final presentation of the academy.

Dance & Choreography division photo gallery:


The Mobile Academy evolved from summer institutes into the touring Hallucinated Community College of the Mobile Academy with its famed Blackmarkets for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge. Nathan was invited to be an "Expert" three times, each time adapting his dance concept Liminal Music into a 30 minute mini workshop-for-one, tailored to the theme of each Blackmarket, auctioned with titles such as An Activity: Non-Verbal Communication, Cross-Rhythms, and Play... or, How to Make Silent Music.





Sample from Monuments of the Past vs. the Heroes of Today

exhibition (2004)

Nathan as  one of the "Experts" in the Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge, as opening ceremony of the Dance Congress Germany at the House of World Cultures Berlin (2006)

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